Barley Ginkgo Nut With Foo Chuk & Quail Eggs Dessert


20 pieces ginkgo nuts, remove shell and skin
2 sheets of foo chuk (flat sheet type)
4 pieces pandan leaves
rock sugar (up to individual taste)
8 hard boiled quail eggs, remove shell (optional)
Note: Please mention to the vendor that you want the flat sheet type of foo chuk and is for making" tong sui" because they have


Add water, barley and ginkgo nuts and pandan leaves into the pot and bring it boil. Turn heat to medium and let it boil till ginkgo nuts are soft, about 30 to 35 mins. Add foo chuk and sugar and boil till sugar dissolved and foo chuk is broken up, about 15 mins. Lightly whisk egg white and pour in slowly and stir at the same time. Turn off heat and remove the pandan leaves. Can be serve hot or cold.


The Cantonese speaking Chinese call their sweet soup dessert “tong sui”. There is a wide variety of tong sui in Malaysia. There are stores that devote themselves just to selling different types of sweet soups. We do not have a specific time to take “tong sui”, some people even take it for supper but in the Chinese restaurants, they usually served “tong sui” at the end of a meal as dessert. Traditionally, sweet soup is usually served hot but like things changes with time, nowadays, it can be served hot or cold. For me, having a bowl of ice cold barley ginkgo nuts, foo chuk sweet soup is divine especially when the weather is so hot here.




Friday, November 19, 2010 - 6:22am


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