Tournedos Rossini With Foie Gras and Truffles


For the tournedos:
4 200-gramx tournedos
4 x duck foie gras slices (80 to 100 g per piece)
1 truffle or chanterelles (40 to 50 g)
2 cloves grapeseed oil
10 grams butter
Salt and pepper
For the Rossini Sauce:
2 teaspoons of Madeira wine
1 teaspoon of Port
1 teaspoon of Cognac (brandy)
10 cloves fond de veau
4 cloves truffle juice
40 grams butter


Mix the butter and grapeseed oil in a hot pan.
Season your tournedos well, with salt and pepper. Sear the tournedos by rapidly pan-frying them over high heat. Keep the pan and its juices; you will need it shortly to make the sauce.
Make the sauce: don’t worry if there’s no meat juices left. Let’s deglaze the pan.
Pour 1 teaspoon of Port, 1 teaspoon of Cognac (brandy), 2 teaspoons of Madeira and 4 cl of truffle oil in the pan, and add the fond de veau. Stir well. Now let the sauce reduce. In the meantime, slice the foie gras into equal escalopes.
If you can’t get fond de veau, use Bisto or similar... but bear in mind that fond de veau is nothing like Bisto, and that it really is a key ingredient of French cooking.
Whether you are using truffles or chanterelles, sweat the mushrooms in a little butter and a tablespoonful of Madeira. Then, add the sauce and let it simmer for 3 minutes. Keep it hot.
Dress the plates: place each tournedos on the plate, top it with a slice of foie gras and truffles, and pour the sauce over.
Serve immediately


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What exactly is a "clove" as a measurement? I've never heard of it. Thanks!


This is a traditional recipe of the South West of France.




Wednesday, December 8, 2010 - 6:01am

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