Homemade Pomegranate Liqueur


2 large pomegranates, pods only
1 1/2 cups vodka
3/4 cup sugar
cup water
1/2 peel, lemon, scraped


Remove pods from pomegranates. Throw away rind and pith. Press out all the juice with a good, sturdy press. Put the resulting juice and pulp in a 1-liter mason jar (any glass jar you can effectively seal works). Prepare lemon peel, toss in jar. Add vodka. Seal jar.
Steep two weeks (though I have left it as much as four with no ill effects), turning it over once a day. Strain and filter. Squeeze the pulp moderately hard, but realize that the harder you squeeze, the harder will be the job of filtering later on. It’s a tough balance to make.
Now, boil the sugar and water together. Let stand a moment to cool. Add syrup to mixture, and seal quickly. Age another month. Remove, filter again, bottle. You should note that there’s a thick haze or sludge on the bottom of your jar, and you will find it incredibly difficult to filter out with anything but a serious wine filter. Instead, you might consider racking the liqueur (siphoning the good liqueur off the top, and discarding the sludge on the bottom). You lose a little bit of liquid along with the sludge, but you sure save yourself a lot of work filtering.


Bright, crimson and Christmas with a fine taste.. it worths a try!


3 servings


Sunday, December 12, 2010 - 2:21am


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