Restaurant Quality Prawn Biryani… Made Super Easy!!!


300 grams basmati rice
One cup of cleaned deveined prawns (approx. 200-250 grams)
2 large onions diced vertically
2 medium to large finely chopped tomatoes
1 tsp biryani masala
½ tsp cardamom & nutmeg powder (optional)
2 tbsp melted ghee
4 tbsp oil
For marination of prawns
Juice of one lime
4 to 5 tbsp of the above mentioned green paste
For Rice
5-6 pepper corns
2-3 bay leaves
5-6 cloves
Salt to taste
1 tbsp oil


Firstly let me request you to not get overwhelmed by the list of ingredients….hehehe
Start by marinating the prawns.
Then bring water to boil and add the spices, salt, soaked basmati rice and oil. Cook the rice for five to seven minutes or till it is 70 percent done. Remove the excess water and keep the rice aside. By this time the whole kitchen will be filled with the aroma of basmati rice.
In a separate big vessel heat oil and fry the vertically diced onions till they are golden brown and crisp.
Remove half of the onions aside for layering. In the vessel add the tomatoes and cook them till they melt completely. Now add the marinated prawns, biryani masala, cardamom and nutmeg powder. Add salt to taste. Let it cook for five minutes on medium flame.
It’s time for layering now. Start with one large layer of rice on top of the prawns in the same big vessls. The prawns should be the first layer. Then the large rice layer. Sprinkle the awesome golden brown crisp onions and some of the melted ghee. Then add remaining rice layer. Sprinkle the onions, ghee and cardamom powder.
Close the vessel with a tight lid and then place a pan/tawa below the vessel and let the biryani cook for another ten minutes on low flame.Place a tawa / pan under the vessel for restricted heat
Let it stand for another five minutes.
Serve this lip smacking biryani piping hot with nothing but just with a slice of lime.


Last weekend I cooked this slightly spiced yummy prawn biryani recipe and boy, I was so happy that I prepared this. The prawns were very soft & delicately juicy and not hard & rubbery which happens in the most of the cases. Normally people say cooking biryani is a very big task. But in reality it is really a very easy recipe to cook. What takes time is the preparation.So this time I wanted to use minimum ingredients which needed slightest preparation because my dad had brought not just prawns but other fish too. I made some delicious fish fry and amazing fish curry. I will post the pictures of the other dishes I cooked that day in the same post.

I started with cleaning and de-veining the prawns. You can use the already cleaned ones, if u can fetch them it would save a lot of time. Then I made the green paste which consisted of green chillies, ginger, garlic, mint leaves and lots of coriander leaves. I used mint leaves because they were readily available at my home but it can be avoided.

Next step is the usual preparation of biryani rice i.e. soaking of basmati rice for at least 20 – 30 minutes. This is the only preparation that you will need to do for this recipe. Rest is the modest and simple and very easy to cook recipe.

Click on the url for the recipe with lots of pictures which will make it easy to follow.

Other Names:

Prawn Biryani, kolambi bhaat


5 to 6 serves


Friday, December 20, 2013 - 1:12am


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