Xocai Chocolate Pie


2 tbsps melted butter
0.5 cups cane sugar (raw or cane juice crystals)
2 whole eggs (lightly beaten)
1 tbsp cornstarch ()
1.25 cups milk ()
3 tbsps dark chocolate (Xocai Sipping Xocolate)
1 tsp vanilla ()
1 whole low-fat graham cracker crust ()
1 container whipped cream ()


Cook first 5 ingredients over medium heat until desired thickness. Remove from heat and let cool a little; stir in Sipping Xocolate and vanilla. Put in graham cracker crust. Chill. Serve with a spoonful of whipped topping or whipping cream and garnish with strawberry or other fresh fruit. For a variation you may add nuts or put filling in custard cups and eliminate the pie crust. Serves 6


Xocai Chocolate Pie


Monday, July 2, 2012 - 9:23am


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