How to make Mozzarella cheese at home


1 gallon homogenized and pasteurized milk (not ultra pasteurized)
1/4 tsp single strength liquid rennet or 1/4 tablet of rennet
1/2 cup cool non-chlorinated water
1 1/2 tsp. citric acid
1 tsp non-iodized or Kosher salt


Add 1/4 tsp Single Strength Liquid Rennet to the cool non-chlorinated water. Set your Rennet mixture aside to use later.
Add 1 1/2 tsp. of Citric Acid to 1/4 cup cool water, pour this into your Stainless Steel Pot. Pour cold milk into your pot quickly, to mix well with the Citric Acid.
Heat the milk slowly to 90°F. If you're having problems with milk forming a proper curd, you may need to increase this temperature to 95°F or even 100°F.
At 90°F, remove the pot from the burner and slowly add your Rennet mixture to the milk. Stir it for about 30 seconds, then stop. Cover the Pot and leave undisturbed for 5 minutes. Check the curd after 5 minutes. If it doesn't look like custard with a clear separation between the curds and whey, let it set longer, up to 30 more minutes.
Cut the curds into a 1" checkerboard pattern. Place the Pot back on the stove and heat to 105°F while cautiously shaking it. Take Pot off the burner and stir slowly for 2-5 minutes.
Transfer the curds into a Colander (if the curd is too soft, let it sit for a few minutes). Drain off all whey. Press the curd gently with your hand, pouring off as much whey as possible. Keep some whey to store your cheese.
Place your curds into a heat safe bowl. Add 1 tsp of salt to the curds for added flavor. Microwave the curd for 1 minute. Drain off all whey as you did before. Quickly work the cheese with your hands. Use Rubber Gloves as the cheese is hot to touch. Microwave two more times for 35 seconds each, and repeat the kneading. Drain off all of the whey if there is any.
Remove curd from bowl and continue kneading until it is smooth and shiny. Return it to the microwave if needed.
Knead your cheese back into a ball. To cool quickly place it in a bowl of ice water and refrigerate.
For storage. Homemade Mozzarella Cheese is best when eaten fresh. Anyway if there is any leftover, you can wrap it in plastic bag or keep it in a plastic container with the whey. It will last for several days.


How to make Mozzarella cheese at home

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Homemade Mozzarella cheese video recipe

Learn how to make a Mozzarella Cheese recipe at home. Get ready for a pleasant surprise. You can easily make your own fresh homemade Mozzarella - chewy, healthy and yummy - at your wish. No need to waste your money on shopping  expensive gourmet restaurants. As a result, declare your Cheese independence before July 04th.

How to make cheese? It is very simple and it doesn't require a lot of time or multi-year experience.

Follow easy step by step tutorials which are very user-friendly. Use cheese making kit or cheese making supplies that we recommend in the Ingredients. Be patient with your expectations and humorous about your failures. Remember: even if your final results are far from perfect, nevertheless you made a huge step forward and gained valuable experience. Next time cheese making supplies will not be wasted as you might think at your first experiment. Certainly, we become what we believe, so keep practicing and be strong in your faith and self-esteem.

Homemade Mozzarella recipe is particularly demanding about temperature. Make sure you stick to the exact heat measurements. We made an error of ignoring explicitly written instructions in the cheese making kit more than once. Save yourself time and money.



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Other Names:

Homemade Mozarella Cheese


Servings: 9


Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - 6:27pm

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