Two parts ground chuck
One part ground pork
One part ground veal or turkey*
One part – stale bread (I used leftover Italian bread)
Milk – enough to soak the bread
Two cups shredded Parmesan cheese
Large eggs – quantity depends on amount of meats used. Typically 2 large eggs is sufficient for four pounds of meat.
Sea Salt/Fresh Ground Pepper
Peanut or other low smoke oil.


In a bowl large enough to hold all the ingredients place crumbled bread and milk with very clean hands work the bread and milk together until it comes to a semi-thick paste. Add the meats, eggs, salt/pepper and cheese and work together until everything is completely combined. Form the meat into balls, I use an ice cream scoop – I like mine large. As you finish each ball place on baking sheet until ready to cook. Dust balls lightly with flour.
Heat skillet large enough to hold meatballs, don’t worry this step can be done in batches, add enough oil to go up to 1/4 the size of the meatballs. When oil starts to dance (shimmer) reduce heat and carefully place balls into oil with room in between each. With a slotted spoon move balls around making sure that all sides are browned equally. If cooking in batches put finished balls on a plate until all are completed.
At this point they are ready to serve, however, I find that if you place them into a pot large enough to hold them all and add your favorite pasta sauce they take on a deep, rich flavor.
Buon appetito!
* The choice between veal and turkey is totally up to you. The taste between the two is relatively minor but the difference in structure might be evident as the veal has a higher fat content.

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