Low Carb Beef Salad


2 kg Carrots
1.3 kg Celery
1 kg Parsnips
1 kg Pork meat
1 tbsp Salt
400 grams pickled red peppers
400 grams pickled cucumbers
1 pinch white peper grounded
3 pieces Egg yolk
3 tsp Mustard
1 liter Sunflower Oil


Clean and peel al vegetables; Clean and cut the meat in smaller pieces (dimension of your fist will do)
Boil the vegetables and meat with salt
Check the vegetables and stop boiling when done (when you can stick a fork in them is enough)
Cut everything in small cubes, around 1-2 centimeters wide, including the pickles
The mayonnaise: mix egg yolks with mustard and salt at high speed; add oil in small amounts until it becomes thick (hint: use free range bio eggs for a better taste and a creamy, thicker mayonnaise)
At the end mix everything and add salt and pepper to taste. You can put it on a big plate, cover in mayonnaise and decorate with pickles pieces (this is a traditional way), or you can create smaller, individual plates and serve separatelly.


This Beef Salad (or "Salade de bœuf") is an Eastern European apetizer originally derived from the Russian Salad, originally created by the belgian chef Lucien Olivier in Russia around 1860... The original recipe was kept secret with great care and was never revealed. However it was reproduced in many ways since then and become very popular especially at celebrations like the New Year's Eve in many countries.
This recipe is one of my favorite Beef Salad recipe and, as a bonus, it is also a low carb variant with no compromise in taste!

Other Names:

Salade de bœuf, Russian Salad, Olivier Salad


12 portions


Monday, May 4, 2015 - 8:03am


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