Frullato di Frutta or italian Fruit Smoothie


2 bananas, peeled
1 fresh mango, peeled and pulp removed from the internal core
3 ripe peaches, peeled, cut and internal seed removed
1 tablespoon sugar
1 cup whole milk or enough to cover the fruits


Put all the peeled and cut fruits in the blender. Cover with milk to just cover all the fruits. Add the sugar.
Blend until perfectly smooth and no chunks are left. Serve immediately.


There is nothing more satisfying and refreshing than a fresh frullato or Italian fruit smoothie.

My mom had a gelateria in Italy and during the summertime, patrons would stop by in the morning to have a frullato di frutta or Italian fruit smoothie as part of their breakfast right before hitting the sandy beach.

All the fruit ice creams were made with fresh fruits which were selected early in the morning from the farmer’s market.

Therefore each time you peeled a peach, apricot, or squeezed lemons, the beautiful fragrance will give your sense of smell a beautiful treat.

Nothing tastes as divine as a fresh summer peach.

The smoothies that we used to prepare and serve, as well as the ones we had growing up and continue to make to this day, are simple and super easy.

Just fruit, a bit of sugar, regular milk, and a bit of imagination with your fruit selection.

I may not even need to have a recipe.

The frullato being so much part of the Italian summertime food culture, I had to mention it and share it.

I have Italian-written cookbooks with recipes posted.  I just could not pass up the opportunity to share such a delightful treat.





Thursday, June 23, 2022 - 3:12pm


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