How to make cottage cheese at home


1 gallon homogenized and pasteurized milk (not ultra pasteurized)
1 Packet C101 Mesophilic Culture
8-10 Drops Single Strength Liquid Rennet or Cheesemaking Vegetable Rennet Tablets
1/4 cup non-chlorinated water


Heat the milk slowly to 86°F (30°C) and stir it well as it heats.
Sprinkle the Mesophilic Culture over the surface of the milk and allow the powder to re-hydrate for 2 minutes before stirring it in.
Mix 8-10 drops of Single Strength Liquid Rennet with 1/4 cup of non-chlorinated water. Pour it into the milk. Stir it for 30 seconds then stop. Do not disturb the milk for 5-8 hours. Leave on the table at the room temperature.
Cut the curds into a 1/2 - 3/4″ checkerboard pattern. Once the curds are cut, stir them gently for 10 minutes.
Place the Pot back on the stove and heat SLOWLY to 113-115°F (45-46°C) while cautiously shaking it. The heat needs to be increased at about 2-3°F (1°C) every 5 minutes. The total cooking time will be 60-90 minutes and may be extended to 2 hrs if the curds are still soft. Do not overheat the curds, otherwise the Cottage Cheese will be too dry.
Let the curds cool down. Refrigerate it overnight.
Transfer the curds into a colander lined with a towel. Allow to drain. Gather the cloth, tied securely and hung for the final drainage about 1 hour.


How to make Cottage Cheese at home

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Homemade Cottage Cheese video recipe

Learn how to make a Cottage Cheese recipe at home. Have you been ever excited by the idea that you can easily make cheese - fresh, healthy and delicious - at your wish. No need to go shopping or spending a lot of money at expensive gourmet restaurants. Become your own cheese making boss.

How to make cheese? It is very simple and it doesn't require a lot of time or extensive experience.

Follow easy step by step Instructions which are explained in a user-friendly manner below. Use cheese making kit or cheese making supplies that we recommend in the Ingredients. Be patient with your expectations and humorous about your failures. Remember: even if your final results are far from perfect, nevertheless you made a huge step forward and gained valuable experience. Next time cheese making supplies will not be wasted as you might think at your first experiment. We become what we believe, so keep practicing and be strong in your faith and self-esteem.


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Homemade Cottage Cheese


Servings: 9


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