Gluten-Free Rustic Bread


150g/5.25oz sorghum flour
240g/8.5oz potato starch
60g/2oz tapioca starch
1.5 tsp. salt
13g/0.5oz coconut sugar
12g/0.5oz flaxseed meal
15g/0.5oz active dry yeast
15ml/0.5fl oz olive oil
3 egg whites
1 tsp. cider vinegar
250ml/8.5fl oz warm water


Whisk together sorghum flour, potato starch, tapioca starch, flaxseed meal, salt, sugar, and yeast in a bowl.
Stir in the egg whites and olive oil.
Stir in the water and cider vinegar.
Pour the batter into a non-stick loaf pan.
Bake for 35 minutes at 175C/350F, starting from a cold oven.


A great gluten-free recipe for a daily staple that has other benefits too. Sorghum is an important grain because it gives an alternative to wheat for those who need a gluten-free diet, it is usually eaten as a whole-grain which keeps the hull and its’ nutrients intact. Sorghum contains selenium and niacin which are thought to help in the prevention of cancer. Flax seeds are especially good for digestion because of its’ mucilage gum content which forms like a gel in the intestinal tract, while cider vinegar is proven to improve insulin sensitivity and to reduce blood sugar levels for those with Type 2 diabetes. For those bread lovers out there, here is a great excuse to have a healthy egg on toast for breakfast, a healthy fish and salad sandwich for lunch and a healthy bean and vegetable soup with a chunk of this tasty rustic bread for dinner. You’ll know which side of your bread is buttered with this recipe!


Saturday, September 23, 2017 - 6:53am


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