Summer-Berry Salad With Hand Picked Fresh Mint


1 small (4 oz) grilled chicken breast, sliced (I used Springer Mountain Farms Organic)
3/4 cup chopped mixed berries of choice (I used organic blueberries and strawberries)
1/8 cup thin red onion slices
2 tablespoons Annie's Naturals "Lite" Raspberry Vinaigrette or other fruity dressing


Layer spinach, onion, berries, chicken and mint on a small salad plate.
Top with Raspberry Vinaigrette




I confess I love the warm weather. I'm a Northeastern native (Massachusetts) but Florida has definitely become my home. I miss the fall up north but the fact that summer seems to last and last down here is what is so amazing. This summer berry salad incorporates everything I love about it getting warmer; grilling every day, fresh berries, an herb garden bursting with fresh, fragrant mint. Add a crisp, cool glass of white wine and there isn't much that could make me happier.

In the interest of making this salad lighter I decided to forgo cheese and/or nuts but the addition of some creamy goat cheese, feta, walnuts or pecans would be divine.


6.0 servings


Thursday, May 27, 2010 - 6:26am


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