Technique: Foaming


A technique used to make foam out of extracted flavors from foods.

The basic steps of making a culinary foam is to add stabilizers, such as agar agar, lecithin and gelatin, to a liquid and pumping it through a nitrous oxide canister.


Other names: Foamed, Foam
Translations: Putojošs, Putodara, Spumare, Pjenjenja, Tạo bọt, Piany, Schuimen, Skumming, A formação de espuma, Вспенивание, Αφρισμό, رغوة, 포밍, Pěnění, Berbusa, 发泡, Escumós, Penjenje, Peneniu, Schiumatura, הקצפה, Skummande, Фоаминг, 発泡, Moussant, Schäumen, Skummende, Espumoso, Спінення, Vaahtoaminen, Пяна



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