Technique: Infusing


The extraction of flavor from herbs, citrus peel and spices by steeping in hot liquid and straining to remove the solid matter. The extracted flavor is then used to marinate other foods such as meats.

Infusing is also used in the process of flavoring ice cream, i.e. infused with star anise or lemongrass.


Other names: Infuse, Infused
Translations: Lašinant, Infuzarea, Wlewu, Infunderen, Infusjonen, Inspirando, Вливая, Έγχυση, غرس, 일으키는, Infuzí, Menanamkan, 563964, Infusió, Vlivanje, Infúzií, Infondendo, יציקת, Infusion, Инфусинг, 注入, Infuser, Infusion, Poserne, Infusión, Вливаючи, Вливане



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