Technique: Creaming


A method used to incorporate sugar into butter while aerating the mixture. Often used in making cakes and cookies

To cream butter and sugar, place butter (at room temperature) in a mixing bowl and beat slowly until smooth and creamy - this makes the butter more receptive to the addition of sugar. Add the sugar slowly into the butter while beating on medium speed. It is assumed in most scenarios that you beat until the mixture is light and fluffly although some recipes may call for less aeration in the butter-sugar mixture.


Other names: Creamed, Cream
Translations: Învârtirea, Afroming, Desnatar, Отстаивание, Προσηλωθούν, الدهن, Rozšlehání, 膏, Formación de crema, Maziljenja, Rozšľahaniu, Scrematura, Utarmning, Цреаминг, クリーミング, Crémant, Einstreichbürste, Udhules, Formació de crema, Відстоювання, Kermaa, Разбиване



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I like Chicken With Mushrooms very much, but without cream; instead of cream I usually add 4 boiled potatoes (cutting small peaces), garlic, any herbs and 3 tablespoon mayonnaise. Please try it, you will enjoy