Technique: Curing


This technique involves the preservation or special infusion of flavor into meats and fishes by smoking, drying, salting, adding sugars, nitrates or nitrites.

Common foods which are cured using the above methods include Turkey, Beef and Pork Ham, Salted Cod Fish, Smoked Salmon, Hotdogs and Red Herring.


Other names: Cure, Cured
Translations: Konservēšana, Sūdymo, Intarire, Stvrdnjavanje, Chữa, Polimeryzacja, इलाज, Cura, Лечение, علاج, 경화, Vytvrzování, Paggamot, 固化, Curat, Strjevanje, Vytvrdzovania, Indurimento, אשפרה, Torkning, Лечење, 硬化, Durcisseur, Aushärtung, Hærdning, Herding, Curado, Лікування



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