Technique: Deep Frying


This method or technique is very popular in the Fast Food industry. The food to be cooked must be fully submerged in hot fat. Good quality deep-fried foods can be characterized by an attractive golden brown color, crisp surface or coating and little fat absorption or moisture loss.

For best results foods such as chicken should first be breaded or dipped in batter before frying. This coating protects the food as it cooks and results in a nice crispness, golden color and flavor.


Other names: Deep Fried, Deep Fry
Translations: Deep Cepamā, Kepimui, Deep Distrugerea, Duboko prženje, Deep Patelnie, Frituren, गहरी ख़त्म, Fritar, Жарки, Βαθύ τηγάνισμα, القلي العميق, 깊은 프라이팬, Fritování, Deep Goreng, Malalim Pagprito, 油炸, Fregir, Cvrtje, Fritovanie, Frittura, טיגון בשמן עמוק, Fritering, Дубоко Уништавање, 揚げ物, Friture, Frittieren, Friturestegning, Freír, Жарки, Uppopaisto, Дълбоко пържене



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