Tool: Rub-Away Bar


A cook's best friend, the Rub-Away Bar is a piece of stainless steel that is molded and shaped into a the size and shape of a bar of soap. It's hypoallergenic and helps to remove garlic, onion, fish and other strong and offending odors from hands once you're finished cooking or between prep jobs. This stainless bar is easy to use - simply rub like a soap bar under tap water, and surprisingly, odors are gone. It's simple chemistry that eliminates odors as you "wash" your hands with water using the bar as "soap.


Other names: Stainless Steel Odor Reducing Bar
Translations: Kuskusin-malayo Bar, Τρίψτε-Away Bar, RUB-Away Baras, فرك بعيدا بار, Frottez-Away Bar, Frecaţi-Deplasare Bar, Utrljajte-Away Bar, Gosok-Away Bar, Chà-Away Bar, רוב-Away בר, Rub-Away Бар, 문지 - 멀리요 바, 擦る=アウェイバー, रगड़ना दूर पट्टी, Frote-Away de Abogados, Rub-Away Бар, 碰摩客场酒吧, Masiranje Away Bar, Трљајте Аваи Бару, Fregueu-Away d'Advocats, Натърквам Гост Бар



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