Tool: Pizza Warming Stand

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This is a metal serving stand with a lit candle underneath. These stands are at every table in the restaurant, 1 stand per every 2 seats. The stand elevates the pizza and keeps it slightly warmed while you are eating.


Other names: Pizza Stand, Table Top Pizza Stand
Translations: Pizza warming Stendas, Încălzirea Pizza Stand, Pizza zagrijavanje Stand, Pizza hâm nóng Stand, Pizza Stand ocieplenie, पिज्जा वार्मिंग खड़े रहो, Aquecimento Pizza Stand, Пицца потепление Стенд, Πίτσα Warming Stand, بيتزا الاحترار حامل, 피자 온난 화는 스탠드, Pizza oteplování Stand, Pemanasan Stand Pizza, Pizza warming Stand, 比萨变暖展台, Escalfament pizzeries Stand, Pizza segrevanje Stand, Pizza otepľovania Stand, Il riscaldamento Pizza Stand, התחממות פיצה Stand, Пица загревање постоље, ピザ温暖化は、スタンド, Réchauffement Pizza Stand, Calentamiento pizzerías Stand, Піца потепління Стенд, Pizza Lämpeneminen Stand, Пица затопляне Stand

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