Tool: Canning Funnel


A canning funnel is a tool used in canning as a means to cleanly and effectively pour contents into canning jars. A canning funnel helps eliminate mess and help prevent burns when pouring hot liquids, fruit and vegetables.


Other names: Funnle, Funnel, Jar Funnel
Translations: Canning Piltuvveida, Canning Piltuvėlio, Canning pâlnie, Canning Lijevak, Kênh Canning, Canning ścieżek, Canning Trechter, कैनिंग कीप, Canning Funil, Каннинг Воронка, Κονσερβοποίηση Χωνί, تعليب القمع, 통조림 퍼널, Canning cesty, Saluran pengalengan, 坎宁漏斗, Canning Embut, Canning cesty, קנינג משפך, Canning Tratt, Конзервирање Љевкасти, カンニングファンネル, Canning entonnoir, Canning trakt, Canning Embudo, Каннінг Лійка, Canning kanavapolun, Консервната фунията

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