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February 28, 2011
I got to accompany winemaker John Levenberg in the One Woman winery as he tested, tasted and planned his blends for the 2008 pinot noir grown by Russ McCall in Cutchogue.
February 27, 2011
Brooklynguy's Wine and Food Blog
Jean-Marie Fourrier of Domaine Fourrier was in town recently for the big La Paulée event and I was honored to spend a few hours talking with him one morning. Fourrier makes wine mostly in Gevrey-Chambertin, and also owns plots in Chambolle and Morey St. Denis.
February 26, 2011
Benito's Wine Reviews
I've spoken about Malbec many times, and while there's more of it than ever before (and fears among some for an Australia-style backlash), a $10 bottle from Argentina remains a great bargain for the pizza and burger fare.
February 25, 2011
Barboursville is an odd combination of American and Italian touches. The restaurant, aptly named the Palladio – both for the Zonin’s heritage from the Veneto and Jefferson’s preferred building style, served a lovely combination of Italian specialties with an American flair.
February 24, 2011
Do Bianchi
Northeastern Italy’s rich tradition of dried-grape wines stretches back to the height of the Roman empire, when the acinaticum of today’s Soave, Gambellara, and Valpolicella reigned as one of Western Civilization’s earliest “celebrity” wines.
February 23, 2011
The Iron Chevsky Wine Blog
My last memory of 2010 was my first visit to Dunn Vineyards, on January 31. Mike Dunn made time to taste through a royal array of his Howell Mountain cabs: 1989, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006. Out of appreciation of the wines, and sub-consciously maybe the appreciation of his hospitality, I did extol the winery.
February 22, 2011
Wyni's Kitchen
There is nothing better than to watch a gorgeous sunset while sitting at a watering hole somewhere in the African bush watching the animals and sipping an ice cold Amarula Cream.
February 18, 2011
Ultimate Wines- The Nose Knows
Cafe Strudel are renowned for their fabulous Viennese food while the Triebaumer family have been making wonderful wines since 1691. You'll have the opportunity to sample both at the dinner on 9 February 2010 at Cafe Strudel. Seven different wines will be presented to accompany a 4-course menu specifically designed for the wines. Here are the menu details
February 17, 2011
Gabe's View
Pinot Gris is one of those varieties that, for my money, doesn’t get nearly the acclaim it deserves. Sure like any other varietal there are some forgettable examples out there. But when the fruit is grown in the right spot and the winemaker treats it with respect, the results can be dazzling. For Pinot Gris this mostly means a handful of spots in Germany, Oregon, Italy and Austria in my opinion. Today I’ll look at a release from Austria.
February 16, 2011
Drink Dry Creek
The Mauritson 2009 Dry Creek Valley Sauvignon Blanc was produced from fruit sourced at a couple of vineyards. 95% comes from their Estate Hardie Ranch Vineyard, and the balance (5%), from the Coleman-Young Vineyard.
February 15, 2011
The Gray Market Report
You don't have to be a Dodgers fan to love the wines from southern California. This state may be divided by sports loyalties, but we all love a great wine. I have a couple of SoCal stories in other places today that I want to highlight.
February 14, 2011
Whisky Party
As with most whisky websites, if you visit the site of Hankey Bannister you can read all about the heritage of this blended scotch whisky. Somewhat curious is that the accounting of said heritage seems to have been written in the first person by Mr. Hankey himself, a self-described “man about town” who probably died sometime in the late 18th or early 19th C after founding Hanky Bannister with Hugh Bannister in 1757.
February 13, 2011
Wine Imbiber
Now that Super Bowl Sunday is history, it’s time for us to move on to another sports event. Here in Los Angeles, that means the LA Marathon. This year’s marathon takes on special meaning to us.
February 12, 2011
Wine Kitten
I want to talk for a moment about Zinfandel. And White Zinfandel. No, my little wine babies, Zinfandel and White Zinfandel are NOT the same thing, although they're both made from the same vitis vinifera.
February 11, 2011
The Drink Diary
Vermouth is a fortified wine flavored with herbs and spices. Some varieties are sweetened, and others are dry, which tend to be bitter. Honestly this is the largest amount of vermouth I have ever encountered in a drink, as it is usually used as an agent in mixed drinks to reduce the alcohol by volume and provide an herbal flavor.
February 10, 2011
Whisky Fun
There’s a constant stream of superb old whiskies coming out of Germany these days, how do they do that? Today it’s an old Glen Keith that we’ll oppose to an older bottling of a 1963 by G&M (those came at many different ages, 13, 15, 17, 19…)
February 9, 2011
Master of Malt
We asked a few well-known spirits/drinks writers to come up with delicious wintry cocktails using our 8 year old blended whisky, and our new cask-aged whisky bitters.
February 8, 2011
Malt Impostor
This beautiful bottle pours out a perfectly lovely measure of the water of life. Knowing its provenance perhaps predisposes me to think that the nose is quintessentially Irish: sweet, grassy, even upturned and freckled. D
February 5, 2011
A Wardrobe of Whisky
Jim Murray’s 2008 World Whisky of the Year! Ardbeg 10 years old was the first bottle from the distillery to be released non chill-filtered. It is a real paradigm of what a peaty whisky must be like.
February 4, 2011
Whisky Israel
So, a beer review on a whisky blog? yes! Why not? I’ve seen some reviews on other whisky sites, and whisky and beer are close, right? This Beer however is even closer to whisky than most beers are. Why you ask? Well, it’s aged in casks which held Highland Park 12 whisky… How cool is that?
February 2, 2011
Danish Whisky Blog
The start of 2011 hasn't been optimal from a whisky drinking perspective for me. Flu, colds, coughs, soaring head and sleepy days. Time to catch up, and I thought going through a few dregs of Bunnahabhains that has been restless on my shelves for quite a bit might be good for me.
February 1, 2011
Jason's Scotch Reviews
I am always on the look-out for a low priced blend that delivers good value for my hard earned cash. With inflation and rising taxes eroding my purchasing power, I really have to have some reasonably priced spirits.
January 30, 2011
Wines for the People
We love alternatives to glass bottles for ever-so-many reasons, and we thrill to learn of any new wines so packaged. Some such products reviewed in the past have disappointed, while we have raved about others.
January 29, 2011
Rare Wine Co. Blog
If time travel were possible, and we could deposit ourselves at the dinner table of one of the Founding Fathers, we’d surely be drinking Madeira. Madeira was the King of Wines, enjoyed not only before and after dinner, but throughout the meal.
January 28, 2011
Ray Johnson on Wine
I was riffling through my wines today and spotted that I had left a few bottles of pink wine undrunk from the summer stash – time to get cracking!
January 27, 2011
Learn Italian Wines
This is a beautiful blend from Antinori’s wine project in Puglia, cleverly named for the first two letters of the three red varieties: NEgromaro, PRimitivo and CAbernet Sauvignon. It displays tasty black fruit and good spice with moderate tannins. It’s eminently rinkable right now with all sort of foods. In other words, a fun and uncomplicated wine! Priced anywhere from $8-12, how can you go wrong?
January 26, 2011
Maker's Table
Pale gold with an iridescent pink cast that reminds me of tourmeline. One hundred percent grenache blanc, it has the scent of new-mown hay, plus pineapple, citrus, and musk melon. As it warms in the glass, the wine opens into more lavish tropical fruits—guava and passionfruit—but retains its fresh herbaceousness. Lush on the palate, with a velvety texture and flavors of green almond, honey, citrus, peach, and pineapple.
December 30, 2010
The "Bon Amigo" is my own drink, but don't let my last minute name fool you. This one has some thought behind it. It was inspired by Bryan Dayton, a local bartender who is the beverage director and part-owner of "Oak at Fourteenth" in Boulder, CO.
December 6, 2010
The Whisky Wire
Do you have a favourite whisky and food pairing combination? Not really. I like to experiment. Once, I was walking on a beach on the northern shores of Islay. I picked a few mussels off the rocks, lit a driftwood fire and steamed the mussels with a nice dollop of Islay Single Malt whisky for a few minutes. Stunning: fresh, salty and sweet. Decadent!
December 5, 2010
Whisky For Everyone
With Christmas fast approaching and the decorations are going up, people are starting to consider (or panic!) about what presents they are going to buy.