World Spice Merchants - A Seattle Gem

March 18, 2008

When cooking a meal one always uses some sort of seasoning. A special spice, a dash of a secret something from Grandma's recipe, maybe just sea salt and cracked pepper for simplicity. As food is an integral part of our daily life, don't we want it to taste as full and decadent as it possibly can be? Just as we want the air we breathe to be clean and pure. Why settle for less? La vita è corta!

Thankfully, World Spice Merchants in Seattle, Washington are at our beck and call (well, close enough: Mon. - Sat 10am - 6pm, and Sun. Noon - 5pm) to assist you, the gourmand, in finding that perfect ingredient to complete your culinary creation. Tired of plain chicken? Dress it up with preserved lemons, berbere, or Biscayne citrus rub. Want to dabble in Indian? Ethiopian? Tibetan? The experts at World Spice Merchants will kindly guide you in the right direction. And, true to Seattle style, in a very cool, casual, yet highly informative way.

Along with a huge selection of pure spices and hand-mixed blends that are blended in small batches to maintain the utmost freshness, their client list alone is sure to further impress you.

Enjoy the experience and the results.