Spam Sushi!?

April 6, 2008

It's going to be a quick one today, folks, because I am furiously packing up the house for our move to Seattle! Before I could drag myself out of bed this morning to commence the dreaded job of packing, I grabbed my laptop for a little morning food news.

I came across an article about Spam sushi (called Spam Musubi) on Serious Eats. Spam sushi!? Remember my blog about me being a sushi snob? Well, here's one of those moments where I turn up my nose. I guess I should try (almost) everything once, but this would be a stretch...

Although I love the author's article and her picture is beautiful.



Vicky's picture

Ooh, if you go to Hawaii, you might eat those words! Spam musubi is particularly good in the Islands (something about that fabulous air), and actually makes of course does not taste NEARLY as good on the mainland.

Ken's picture

I know what you mean. The new conveyor belt sushi joint in our town has some items get a reaction from me that I can best describe as that funny look a dog makes with the cocked head and one ear up.

Imagine sitting there, chopsticks in hand, mixing the wasabi and soy suace, watching all these plates go by...mmmm maguro...hey, nice, spider roll...wait, what is this...yep, it's a huge slice of CHOCOLATE CAKE. WTF!

"More green tea please."

It actually makes for a pretty good laugh. :)