Vin Cotto

June 1, 2008

After a big dinner party there always seems to be a bit of wine left over in many of the bottles. What to do with the dregs? There are three possibilities that come to mind:

  1. dump the remainders down the drain (which would be such a pity and an unnecessary waste),
  2. start or add to your own wine vinegar,
  3. make vin cotto.

Vin cotto translates to "cooked wine," a delicious reduced concoction that adds a thick and syrupy braised-for-hours richness to a dish. Why waste all that precious (or even sub-par) wine you spent so much on? Granted, we don't often have the issue of leftover wine, but sometimes when our house fills with friends, more bottles than necessary get opened in the heat of party fever.

Vin cotto is easy to make. Simply boil down your red wine to reduce by about 75% and add a bit of honey to taste. Cinnamon and/or cloves can also be added for extra flavor. That's it, you've created your own delicious condiment, great on grilled chicken, beef, or lamb....all from party leftovers!