Obama Nominates Pesticide Lobbyist as Chief Agricultural Negotiator

November 12, 2009

Haven’t heard of Islam Siddiqui?  You should know him.  The Obama administration preferred if you didn't, but you should know him.  Why?  Because he may soon have the power to directly influence the food you eat.

President Obama recently nominated Islam Siddiqui to the role of Chief Agricultural Negotiator at the Trade Office.  He will be charged to lead an organization which represents our agricultural interests both here and abroad.  The problem is, Islam Siddiqui is a former pesticide lobbyist for CorpLife.  He is the same guy who openly chided Michelle Obama for not using “crop protection” (a.k.a. toxic pesticides), in the new White House vegetable garden.  CorpLife even set up a letter writing campaign.  He’s also the same guy who undermined the European Union’s attempt to ban hormone-treated beef in 1999 and rejected the mandatory labeling and disclosure of genetically modified animals in Japan, stating, “Mandatory labeling could mislead consumers about the safety of these products”.

What happened to the push by this White House for sustainable agriculture and chemical-free, local foods?  What happened to President Obama’s vow to ban lobbyists from his adminstration?

Michelle Obama demanded a pesticide-free garden for her family at the White House, so shouldn’t the American people be given a fair shot of having the same for their families?

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Melissa Peterman's picture

Oh this is truly sad news- time to write a letter! Thank you for this!

Arlyn Mick's picture

This individual donated the maximum to, and held a fundraiser at his home for the Obama campaign. Is this the change for which everyone hoped?

karen mcdaniel's picture

When will America open it's ears and eyes to this President? At every turn we find another one of his croonies in a high position, (note the names). We find he is not living up to his BIG CHANGE promises!
WE have a trogen horse in our White House! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!
Judge him by his friends and who he is picking to surround himself. WAKE UP!

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