Raw Milk 101

April 16, 2011

milk case

Products liability attorney, Bill Marler recently reported on the total monthly outbreaks and recalls related to milk in 2010. Here are answers to the most common questions about raw milk:

What is raw milk? Raw milk. Unpasteurized milk. Fresh milk. Unprocessed milk. These are the terms we use to refer to untreated milk that comes directly from animals like cow, goat and sheep.

Is it safe to drink raw milk? Raw milk has a very high chance of being contaminated. 70% of reported outbreaks of dairy are from raw milk.

Is it safe for babies and kids? No. The immune system of children and infants are not fully developed to fight infection caused by raw milk.

What are alternatives for raw milk? Pasteurized yogurt and kefir that contains probiotics are best to give to both children and adults. A human mother’s breast milk is still best for infants.

Can pasteurizing decontaminate milk? Pasteurized milk (or heated milk) can still get contaminated. It can still carry the same bacteria contained in the raw milk.

Read more about raw milk here: http://www.realrawmilkfacts.com/