Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey "King Bee" Ad Features a Biker Bee

April 27, 2011

Tennessee Honey King Bee

The latest Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey "King Bee" ad features a biker bee going about his apian business while wearing an open-face motorcycle helmet. Whether he's flying through ferns or busting through small branches, it's clear that the King Bee is the kind of bee that doesn't follow the hive mind.

The campaign is part of an ongoing series; the Jack Daniel's Facebook page follows the capers of the King Bee in five different web shorts. Arnold Worldwide is the ad agency behind the Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey "King Bee" ad; Pete Favat and Wade Devers are the chief creative officer and the group creative director for the campaign, respectively. The art direction was done by Jeremy Boland, Wade Devers and Allie Hughes.