Ron de Jeremy Rum Makes a Big Splash

April 27, 2011

Ron de Jeremy Rum

Ron de Jeremy Rum is a limited-edition aged dark rum by master distiller Francisco Fernandez that's making a major splash in mixology circles. The rum, which is billed as "the adult rum," is indeed named after that Ron Jeremy, and the adult film magnate appears on the bottle's label, the Ron de Jeremy website and in all promotional materials.

Ron de Jeremy rum is a 7-year-old Panama rum aged in oak; its tasting notes include vanilla, raw sugarcane, fruit and spices. Distiller Francisco "Don Pancho" Fernandez has been the creative force behind other upscale rum brands, including Zafra, Havana Club and Abuela.

The Ron de Jeremy website recommends that drinkers sip the rum "naked or savored over the rocks," and note that it "mixes beautifully to make Ron's many signature drinkxxx." Its accompanying trailer is an epic introduction to the ethos behind the rum:

Ron Jeremy says of his rum, "I love Ron de Jeremy -- the taste is long and full, and the finish is smooth, which suits me perfectly! And I love the idea. Ron means Rum! I am very proud of my Ron and I hope my many friends all over the world will have a chance to try it. Cheers!"

Ron de Jeremy Rum

Photos by The Dieline