My Maki Sushi Restaurant Lets You DIY Your Rolls

April 28, 2011

My Maki

My Maki is a New York sushi restaurant that takes a different approach from other Asian eateries: it allows guests to order custom sushi rolls with untraditional ingredients, including Craisins, Doritos, sun-dried tomato, potato sticks and apple. While this form of sushi will likely offend purists, it's the latest in DIY diner experiences that enable complete personalization.

My Maki Sushi

When Sarah Spigelman of Today visited My Maki, she ordered a custom sushi roll with mango, fresh jalapeno and Doritos. My Maki also has a menu with premade rolls. Choice offerings include the Big Easy, which combines crawfish tails, cream cheese, jalapenos, spicy breadcrubs and masago; the Big Bird, which is packed with chicken, craisins, potato sticks and Japanese mayo; and the New York, with tuna, apple and radish sprouts.

My Maki

My Maki fuses American comfort food and Japanese tradition. Is it a beautiful blend or blasphemy?

Photos by My Maki