3 Simple Ways to Waste Less Food, Save Money

May 14, 2011

Last week the U.N. reported that one-third of all the food produced for human consumption is wasted. Is your kitchen any different? Make these three small changes to your routine and do your part to waste less, and save money in the process. 

The USA Today has a big article on the topic today with even more food saving ideas. 

1. Buy just what you need for the week. Some people do fine by stocking up on tons of groceries at a time, but most find it more efficient to make more frequent trips to the store. 

2. If you can't see it, you can't eat it. Clean out the fridge and pantry and take a good inventory of what you've actually got. 

3. Suck it up and eat what you have. Even after you plan ahead, sometimes it can be enticing to just call out for pizza rather than eat the chicken in the fridge. This is where sheer discipline comes in, folks. 

What are your best tips for not wasting food? Let us know what works for all of your frugalistas out there!

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Collette's picture

I find I waste less food if I plan my menu for the week. That way I know I'm going to use what I have and I won't have to throw away something that rotted or expired because I never got around to cooking it.