Kraft Courting Hispanics With New Kool-Aid Ads

May 27, 2011

Kraft will spend more money than ever before to get Hispanic families to drink more Kool-Aid. Aside from a slick new television ad campaign that tells families “Donde está la diversión, está Kool-Aid” (“Where there’s fun, there’s Kool-Aid”), Kool-aid will sponsor movie nights on Telemundo and Spanish-language movies in the park in Hispanic neighborhoods around Los Angeles, Chicago, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston. 

The effort represents a real main-stream shift for food companies which are increasingly trying and capture the attention of the growing, upwardly-mobile U.S. Hispanic consumers, the New York Times reports.  

In another twist that shows how the market is shifting, in years past, Kraft and Kool-Aid commericals were developed in English for general audiences and then translated to Spanish. This year's campaign will be geared speficially toward Hispanic familes, and women in particular, and then perhaps translated to English if they're successful. 


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