MRSA Superbug Found in Milk, Humans

June 3, 2011

After testing, British scientists at Cambridge have found the MRSA "superbug" in cows and in humans. Further, the MRSA can't be detected with standard testing. The findings were published in the Lancet Infectious Disease Journal, Reuters reports

The good news is that milk pasteurization kills all of the MRSA bacteria. 

The overuse of antibiotics is credited for the rise in MRSA cases, which kills about 20,000 Americans annually. 

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just a nibble's picture

Does this mean that MRSA is only found in unpasteurized milk?

Becky 's picture

It means that raw milk was sampled and was found to be contaminated with MRSA. But the pasteurization process kills the MRSA. Make sense?

just a nibble's picture

Righty-o, thank you Becky : )

Amy Jeanroy's picture

and yet NOT found in human milk. Hmmmm