The Big Lebowski Cupcakes Channel a Cult Classic

June 23, 2011

Those who aren't fans of The Big Lebowski may not appreciate the genius in these Big Lebowski cupcakes by Michelle Clausen of SugarSwings. The White Russian cupcakes are topped with a Kahlua buttercream frosting and decorated with several instantly recognizable icons from the cult classic movie, including Maude's Viking helmet, Donny's ashes in a Folgers can, the Dude's bowling shirt, bowling balls, and an allusion to "the Jesus" with a bowling ball bag and the acronym "WWJD?"

Michelle Clausen made the decorations on her Big Lebowski cupcakes with candy melts, peppermint malt balls, shimmer dust and black food-writing pens. Here are a few more images of the cupcakes:

big lebowski cupcakes

big lebowski cupcakes

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