Woman Finds 29 Double-Yolk Eggs in a 30-Egg Tray

June 27, 2011

About 1 in 1,000 eggs has a double yolk, but U.K. cake decorator Charlotte Matthews recently cracked open a 30-egg tray of eggs and found 29 double-yolk eggs. "I have probably used thousands of eggs and have never ever seen one double yolk before," she told the Rochdale Observer. "I do wonder if there is some sort of super chicken out there laying double-yolked eggs."

Charlotte Matthews didn't have any special use in mind for the unusual 30-egg tray, indicating that she'd probably just make a ton of scrambled eggs or a cake with them. The video below was filmed after Matthews cracked open 13 double-yolked eggs in a row. Have you ever encountered a double-yolk egg?

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