SUPERVALU to Add 40 Zero-Waste Grocery Stores

June 30, 2011

In the next eight months, SUPERVALU will add 40 zero-waste grocery stores to its stable. The grocery store chain, which includes names like Albertsons, Acme, Bristol Farms, Save-a-Lot, Shaw's, Max Foods, Osco Pharmacy and Sav-on Pharmacy, already operates two zero-waste stores in Santa Barbara, California.

The zero-waste grocery stores must divert over 90 percent of their waste from landfills through recycling, donating or composting. Edible food items that are at their "sell by" date, for example, will go to local nonprofit organizations. SUPERVALU donated over 60 million pounds of food to these organizations in 2010 alone.

What do you think about SUPERVALU's new zero-waste grocery stores?

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