Detroit Metro and Willow Run Airports to Grow Canola and Mustard Seed for Fuel

July 23, 2011

If Wayne County and Michigan State University have their way, the Detroit Metro and Willow Run airports will soon produce their own airport fuel using bioenergy crops like canola and mustard seed. The project is funded through February 2012 with a $476,000 state grant.

The two Michigan airports currently use 1 million gallons of fuel apiece each day. The Detroit Metro airport project could yield 300 gallons of fuel over the summer alone, according to TreeHugger.

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charity dasenbrock's picture

This might be a good idea except that with a very small exception of organic ( and there is even some debate about that) ALL canola is GMO and that is not a good thing.

Jean's picture

This is a very BAD thing!! Companies that created these modifed crops are forcing them into our lives by doing that that appear to be good on the surface. Things like offering seed to starving nations and encouraging projects like creating a 'greener' fuel from plants. GMO's are dangerous!!