Salt and Other Cooking Tips from Celebrity Chefs

September 12, 2011

YumSugarTV interviewed different celebrity chefs for the best cooking tips.

1.       “Make sure you add the salt…be creative as we possibly could with the recipes that we have.  People love creativity and color.” – Giada de Laurentiis

2.       “Seasoning is huge…don’t be afraid of salt.  Add a little vinegar, add a little lime juice, add a little lemon juice, and suddenly it will bring everything to life…” – Aarti Sequeira

3.       “Just go up and down with the peeler on the vegetable, and then you peel twice as fast.” – Aida Mollenkamp

4.       “Listen to your customer and focus on the food and make sure that cooking is the most important thing to you.” – Michael Voltaggio

5.       “Try not to cook with extra virgin olive oil, it’s too expensive. And you cook out that extra virgin flavor so finish with it.” – Claire Robinson

6.       “Baking is a process.  It doesn’t appeal to everybody. It takes time, it takes patience, and it doesn’t happen really quickly.  But when you’re done, the sense of accomplishment is so huge because you have (kind of) conquered that patience barrier that a lot of us have.” – Duff Goldman

7.       “Education is key. Preparation is everything.” – Marcel Vigneron

8.       “Instead of high heat, oil, caramelize, build your flavor and deglaze, it’s more really slow, let the natural oils and waters within the chilies, ginger, lemongrass…let those things come out very slowly, and then you create a whole another new ones.” – Roy Choi