Sandra Bullock Smuggles Sausages for Christmas Dinner

December 20, 2011

Sandra Bullock recently admitted that a key component of her Christmas dinner involves smuggling German sausages. "Since my mother passed, we break the law, because we have to manage to smuggle German sausages into the country, and apparently bringing meats across the waters is against the law," the actress explained on "The Tonight Show."

Bullock says that her family manages to convince loved ones living abroad to mail them the prized sausages. Once the sausages arrive, Bullock explains, "You fry 'em up with some sauerkraut and potato salad, but they have to be the right ones." (For a similar recipe from Foodista, click here.)

Have you ever had to smuggle in food items?

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Vickie Smith's picture

Dear Sandra, You'll have to try the ones my German friends make here in Ashton. They have a German dinner here every year at the Lutheran church. Stop by when you're in Jackson my hubby works at the Albertsons there and he can give you the details.

Jo Harrington's picture

I smuggled delicious coconut candies from a farmers market back from Brasil. Yum. I would definitely risk it again!!