Custom Beer Pong Table is a Man Cave Must-Have

March 11, 2012

This custom beer pong table by Chippewa Five might be the classiest pong table I've seen on the market. The poplar wood tabletop features two triangular plexiglass cutouts that are illuminated by LED lights.

The LEDs give the table a futuristic, eye-catching effect, as you can see below. Do you think the owners of this table will use Pong Beer with it?

beer pong table

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Ivamae's picture

I love these tables. We just got ours a few weeks back and love using. Hoping to be able to order a wooden table in the next year or so! Thanks for the great work!!

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Ivamae's picture

that is the perfect beer pong table! every rager would be instant success if you had one of these!!