Gordon Ramsay is the Highest Earning Chef in America

July 18, 2012

Gordon Ramsay is the highest earning chef in America. According to Forbes magazine, Ramsay earned an estimated $38 million in the last year. A great deal of his income comes from his many television endeavors like Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. He also owns 23 restaurants worldwide, including his recently opened steak house in Las Vegas. 

Rachel Ray comes in as the second highest earning chef with an estimated $25 million. As the only one on Forbes' Highest Earning Chefs list who does not own a restaurant, Ray makes her millions from her daytime talk show, her magazine and her cookbooks (she currently has 20 published). 

Wolfgang Puck rounds out the top three Highest Earning Chefs with an estimated $20 million, who earns most of his money through fine dining restaurants, catering and a fast-food chain.

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Warren Bobrow's picture

I wonder when was the last time Chef Ramsey put on his Tocque and got behind the line. Sort of like Anthony Bourdain.

It's hard work!