Hot Cocktail: Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Getting Swiped From Bars

December 19, 2013

The Moscow Mule, a simple and tasty libation of ginger beer, vodka and lime juice that is traditionally served in a copper mug, is all the rage this holiday season. But bars across America are seeing a costly challenge with serving this cocktail: patrons are swiping the spendy vessels.

Rob Roy, one of our favorite bars here in Seattle, is now requiring Moscow Mule drinkers to consume their drinks at the bar to prevent them from slipping out the door with the shiny cups. Some other establishments are requiring IDs be left at the bar as hostage (err, deposit).

Want your own fancy Moscow Mule copper mug? Get a set of four here and find the recipe below.

The Classic Moscow Mule
Makes 1 cocktail

1-½ ounces vodka
½ ounce lime juice
Ginger beer
Add vodka and lime juice to a chilled mule mug filled with crushed ice—the colder the mug, the better. Top with ginger beer and garnish with a lime wheel and mint.

Tip: Keep your vodka and ginger beer sufficiently chilled before making this classic drink.

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