Castor Oil


Oil derived from the castor bean, often used for medicinal purposes or as a food additive. It is the only oil to dissolve completely in water, making it a frequent addition to bath products.


Translations: Rīcineļļa, Ricinos aliejus, Ulei de ricin, Ricinusovo ulje, Dầu thù đủ, Olej rycynowy, Ricinusolie, रेंड़ी का तेल, Óleo de rícino, Касторовое масло, Κικινέλαιο, زيت الخروع, 비버 오일, Ricínový olej, Рицинус, Langis ng lansina, 蓖麻油, Oli de ricí, Ricinusovo olje, Ricínový olej, Olio di ricino, שמן קיק, Ricinolja, Minyak jarak, ヒマシ油, Huile de ricin, Aceite de ricino, Рицинова олія, Risiiniöljy, Рициново масло


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