Asia Red Amaranth


Asian Red Amaranth is also called Chinese spinach. In addition to its high fiber, calcium and iron, amaranth also has two times more calcium than milk. Amaranth’s unique nutty flavor makes it a welcome addition to many types of food products.


Translations: Asia Red Amarants, Azija Red Amaranth, Azija Red Amaranth, Châu Á Hồng Amaranth, Azja Red Amaranth, Azië Red Amaranth, एशिया लाल Amaranth, Ásia Red Amaranth, Азия Красный амарант, Ασία Red Amaranth, آسيا الأحمر القطيفة, 아시아 레드 아마란스, Asya Red amaranto, 亚洲红苋菜, Àsia Xarxa Amaranth, Asia rosso amaranto, אסיה האדום Amaranth, Asien Red Amaranth, Азија Црвена Амарантх, アジアレッドアマランス, Asie Red Amaranth, Asien Red Amaranth, Asien Rød Amaranth, Азія Червоний амарант, Aasia Red Amaranth, Азия Червен Амарант



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