Squash Blossoms


These edible orange flowers appear on summer squash and zucchini plants alike, and offer a mild, fruity flavor to a variety of dishes.


Translations: Skvošs Ziedi, Σκουός Blossoms, Skvošo Blossoms, الاسكواش الزهور, Сквош цветови, スカッシュの花, Squash cvjetovi, Zucchiniblüten, Bí Blossoms, סקווש הניצנים, Fiori di zucca, 스쿼시 벚꽃, स्क्वैश फूल, Flores de calabaza, Сквош Цвіте, 壁球开花, Squash cvetovi, Сквош Цветет, Flors de carbassa, Скуош Blossoms


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