Z Indo Mango


mango , evergreen tree of the Anacardiaceae ( sumac family), native to tropical E Asia and now grown in both hemispheres. The chief species, Mangifera indica, is believed to have been cultivated for about 6,000 years. It was introduced into Brazil by Portuguese colonists. Many horticultural varieties have been developed. The mango tree grows rapidly and may attain a height of 90 ft (27 m) and a spread of 120 ft (37 m). It is densely covered with glossy leaves and bears small, fragrant yellowish or reddish flowers. The fruit, a fleshy drupe, is about 6 in. (15.2 cm) long and has thick greenish to yellowish-red mottled skin, pale yellow to orange-red flesh, and a large seed, the kernel of which is edible when cooked. Mango fruits are luscious, aromatic, and slightly acid.


Translations: Zはインドマンゴー, ض الهند مانجو, Z indo Mango, Z indo Mango, Z는 인도 망고, З индо манго, Z Ấn Mango, Z הודו מנגו, Z Indo Mangga, जेड भारत मैंगो, Z індо Манго, ž印度芒果, Z индо Манго, Z индо Манго



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