Campo Grande Papaya


Campo Grande papaya has good amount of fiber which helps to clean the stomach. In India papaya skin is used to reduce pimples on face and is even used as a medicine for menstruation.


Translations: Campo Grande Παπάγια, Campo Grande Papajos, كامبو غراندي الببايا, Campo Grande Papaye, カンポグランデパパイヤ, 캄푸그란데 파파야, Кампо Гранде Папаја, Campo Grande đu đủ, קמפו גרנדה פפאיה, Papaya Campo Grande, Campo Grande पपीता, Кампу-Гранди Папайя, Кампу-Гранді Папайя, 大坎普木瓜, Campo Grande Pepaya, Кампо Гранде Папая



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