Canco Cheese


Chanco cheese is a Chilean cow's milk cheese originally from the Chanco farm in Maule Region. It is now produced all over south-central Chile, and represents almost 50%% of Chilean cheese consumption. It is a semi-hard ripened cheese low in lactose.


Translations: Canco Siers, Canco Sūriai, Canco Brânză, Canco sira, Canco Kaas, Canco पनीर, CANCO Queijo, Канко сыра, Canco Τυρί, Canco الجبن, Canco 치즈, Canco Sýry, Canco Keju, 坎科奶酪, Canco Formatge, Canco Sir, Canco Syry, Canco Formaggio, Canco גבינה, Canco Ost, Цанцо сир, キャンコチーズ, Canco fromage, Canco Queso, Канку сиру, Canco Juusto, Canco сирене



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