Cashew Oil


Cashew oil refers to oil extracted from the fruit of the cashew. The cashew nut has a shell with an oily outer layer, and a hard inner layer, within which the familiar cashew nut is contained.


Translations: Indijas naftas, Anakardžių aliejus, Ulei de cajou, Cashew nafte, Dầu hạt điều, Olej nerkowca, Cashew Olie, काजू का तेल, Óleo de caju, Кешью нефти, Ανακαρδιοειδών Oil, الكاجو النفط, 캐슈 오일, Kešu Oil, Minyak Mete, Keshew Oil, 腰果油, Anacards Petroli, Indijski Oil, Kešu Oil, Olio di acagiù, קשיו שמן, Cashewnötter Olja, Уље касу, カシューオイル, Huile de noix de cajou, Cashew-Öl, Anacardos Petróleo, Кешью нафти, Cashew Öljy, Кашу петрола



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