Tibouren Grapes


Tibouren is a grape variety that originated in Greece but is now found in small quantities only in Provence where it survives in the warm climate. Its propensity to disease and the low yields do not make it a popular vine for planting, but the quality of the wines that are based on this grape make it worth seeking out, particularly the roses.


Translations: Tibouren Vīnogas, Tibouren Vynuogės, Struguri Tibouren, Tibouren Grožđe, Tibouren Chùm nho, Winogrona Tibouren, Tibouren Druiven, Tibouren अंगूर, Uvas Tibouren, Tibouren виноград, Tibouren Σταφύλια, Tibouren العنب, Tibouren 포도, Tibouren Hrozny, Tibouren Anggur, Tibouren ubas, Tibouren葡萄, Raïms Tibouren, Tibouren Grozdje, Tibouren Hrozno, Tibouren Uvaggio, ענבי Tibouren, Tibouren Druvor, Тибоурен Грожђе, Tibourenブドウ, Tibouren Cépages, Tibouren Trauben, Tibouren Druer, Tibouren Druer, Uvas Tibouren, Tibouren виноград, Tibouren Viinirypäleet, Tibouren Гроздето



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