Dosakai Cucumber


A yellow cucumber available in parts of India. These vegetables are generally spherical in shape. They are commonly added in Sambar/Soup, Daal and also in making Dosa-Aavakaaya (Indian pickle) and chutney.


Other names: Dosavakaya, Dosa Avakia, Nakka Dosakai
Translations: Dosakai Gurķi, Dosakai Agurkas, Dosakai Castravete, Dosakai Krastavac, Dosakai Dưa chuột, Dosakai Ogórek, Dosakai Komkommer, Dosakai ककड़ी, Dosakai Pepino, Dosakai огурцов, Dosakai Αγγούρι, Dosakai الخيار, 오이 Dosakai, Dosakai okurek, Досакаи Краставац, Dosakai pipino, Dosakai黄瓜, Dosakai Cogombre, Dosakai Kumara, Dosakai uhoriek, Dosakai Cetriolo, Dosakai מלפפון, Dosakai Ketimun, Dosakaiきゅうり, Dosakai Concombre, Dosakai Gurke, Dosakai Agurk, Dosakai Agurk, Dosakai Pepino, Dosakai огірків, Dosakai Kurkku, Dosakai Краставица

Physical Description

These cucumbers are spherical, about the size of a grapefruit, and have yellow exteriors. The interior is a very light yellow, almost white color, with yellowish red seeds at the very center.

Colors: Yellow, White

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Sweet, tangy.
Mouthfeel: Crisp, Crunchy
Food complements: Indian cuisine
Wine complements: Any
Beverage complements: Traditional indian beverages
Substitutes: Cucumber

Selecting and Buying

Choosing: These vegetables ripen in a similar way to regular cucumbers, and so should be chosen if they have no blemishes or bruises, and there has been no shriveling of the skin.
Buying: These are not very common away from India, but can occasionally be found at Asian food markets.
Procuring: These grow naturally in the area of India, and some other parts of Southern Asia.

Preparation and Use

These are very versatile plants, and can be used to make a wide variety of dishes, Indian and otherwise.

Cleaning: If you are going to use the whole vegatable, without peeling it, be sure to wash it very well, scrubbing down the entire exterior. If you do not wish to use the peel, simply remove it and the rest of the vegetable can be used.

Conserving and Storing

These cucumbers are especially delicious when pickled, and so that is a great way to store them.



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